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Seeking the Smart Manufacturing of DeRUCCI, and Join Hands to the Road to Innovation

Behind the heat words such asSmart Manufacturing in China”,“Industry 4.0”“FullAutomatic Production Line and so on was the unremitting exploration of a group of extensivefurnishing practitioners.

2019 China's (Guangdong) International Furniture Machinery and Materials Exhibition launched the second “Walking into the Factory Technical Docking" event. More than 50 exhibitor representatives participated inthe visiting group and walked into DeRUCCI industry headquarters to seek the smart manufacturing.


Exploring the Secrets of “Smart Manufacturing” in DeRUCCI

The delegation visited four fully automated production workshops of DeRUCCI industry headquarters, including the mattress automation workshop, the bed net automation workshop, the packaging automation workshop, and the bedding set wood automation workshop. At the bedding set area, there was a modern circular visiting corridor where you can see full view. It was integrated with the entire intelligent processing center. In addition, visitors could see the layout of the entire workshop and the relevant production information by the electronic display. Walking around the corridor, all the automation equipment in the entire machining center was in sight. As the first company in China's furniture industry to open a digital factory, DeRUCCI shown us how to transform traditional manufacturing into smart manufacturing through automatic, visual and intelligent digital factories.


Sharing Technology to step into "Industry 4.0"

In addition to the advanced equipment and operation of the DeRUCCI digital factory, their advanced management concepts and management methods were also of interest to the tour group. After the visit, DeRUCCI's project manager Chen Chunxing and Supply Chain Deputy Manager Xu Lin introduced the quality control and transformation of DeRUCCI , digital factory industry 4.0 and development history to visitors in turn. This journey helped the delegation deeply understand that the key to the success of DeRUCCI was not only the high-quality raw materials and superb technology, but also the excellent human resources and corporate culture.   


DeRUCCI's project manager Chen Chunxing


Deputy Supply Chain Manager Xu Lin


Arthur Hua,

General Manager of China's (Guangdong) International Furniture Machinery and Materials Exhibition Project

Building Platform to Promote Technological Progress

As a signature event of China's (Guangdong) International Furniture Machinery and Materials Exhibition, the " Factory Technical Docking" event has successfully organized two times, leading more than 100 associations and business representatives to see Nanxing Equipment, DeRUCCI and other leading enterprises of furniture industry, and received warm responses.

To help the "Factory Technical Docking" activities continue, is not only the strong demand of exhibitors, but also the mission for the organizing committee of International Famous Furniture (Dongguan).In the future, the organizing committee will continue to make further efforts in the enterprise-oriented aspect, to hold more "Factory Technology Docking" activities, connecting more industry-famous enterprises, to build a broader and better technology exchange platform for exhibitors, to promote the technical docking and exchange between the organizing committee, exhibitors, extensive furnishing enterprises.


On November 6-9, many technical and professional events will be held in 2019 China (Guangdong) International Furniture Machinery & Materials Exhibition, please stay tuned!

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